The last two weeks in March

Well seeing as it’s already May, it is pretty obvious that I got behind on my blog, but I wanted to write down as much as I can now before I start to forget absolutely everything. I actually wrote this post on the 28th of March but I never got around to editing it and posting it. So here it is.

Here we go again as I attempt to remember the past two weeks… This is actually going to be rather short because I can’t remember that much. I guess that would be from Thursday March 14th to today which is March 28th.

 Well Thursday the 14th was probably just a typical day of tutoring in the afternoon and then going to class. On Friday I went to my elementary school and of course had a good time. I worked with my adorable kindergarteners in the morning and then had two fourth grade boys in the afternoon, who did a really good job.

Over the weekend of the 16-17 I spent the entire time in the library working on homework. At least I tried too, I had a hard time getting motivated to work because the weather has been nice out and I want to go to the beach; except I had two major essays that were due the 18th and 21st so I couldn’t go. The first one was for my ethics class and I wrote about if it was ever okay to kill innocent people. I was really happy because I just found out that I got a High Distinction on it. The second one was for my literature class and was about a book I read called My Brilliant Career. 

On Monday I went to my other elementary school and probably had a really good day because it’s one of my favorite places to be. On Tuesday I went to all my regular classes. I probably worked on my literature some more over that time period.

On Wednesday I met with my AIME kids again and had a really good time. I worked with the 9th graders instead of 11&12 and they did much better. I mostly worked with three girls and they were focused on the activities and very open with me. I learned a lot about what it’s like to be 13 year old Caucasian Aboriginal girls. Fortunately they all wanted to go to college by the end of the day, so I must have done something right. They were also enthralled with my whole life and wanted to know absolutely everything about America and my school.

On Thursday I had a lab in the morning which was really fun. We worked on extracting the mitochondria out of spinach leaves. We separated it really well and the first part worked out, but then we figured out that we unfortunately had mitochondria in the left over fluid. So we must have done something wrong. Mostly likely we crushed it too much and once it’s fluid you can’t easily separate it. That afternoon I finished up my literature essay, which I think I finished quite well and then went back to tutoring, followed by an ethics lecture once again.

 On Friday the 22nd I had a really exciting day because Peter picked me up from school and drove me down to New South Wales to see Byron Bay & Ballina and meet his mom. It took us about an hour and half to get to his mom’s retirement center house. After we got there, she made us a nice little lunch and we took her out for a drive. We drove south and Peter showed us all around which was really pretty. I was definitely in the mood to get off campus for a while. We dropped his mom off and then slowly made our way north. We drove up through Byron Bay and looked at the famous lighthouse.

I woke up early Saturday morning and went with the Student Philanthropy Council to plant trees on Mount Tambourine. It was absolutely gorgeous up in the mountains. We left early in the morning so we could get some work done before it got really hot. Over the course of a couple hours we planted 230 trees and then had to water them by walking down to the creek and filling buckets. It was a remote little park area and we planted the trees on the sides of the creek bank. It got hot extremely quickly and we were all exhausted and gross by the time we finished. We were lucky that the bus driver stopped on the way home so that we could take some really pretty pictures. I came home and tried to lay down for a while, but a couple hours later Rachael and I left for a Reds rugby game in Brisbane. When we bought our tickets, they came with free public transportation, so we were able to take the train up for free which was nice. Then as soon as we walked out of the train station we found a bus to take us to the stadium, even though we could have easily walked. We walked around the stadium a little and bought a couple t-shirts. The game was really interesting to watch but rather confusing. I was trying to look it up on my phone but the game hardly stops and I didn’t want to miss any of it, since it’s only an hour and half long. We were winning the whole game but right at the end we almost lost it. Fortunately the guys stuck it out and we won! After the game was over, we tried to find the bus stop again but couldn’t, so we just followed the crowd which eventually led us back to the train station. We found out our train didn’t come for 45 minutes so we tried to get McDonalds for dinner but it was closed. That is one thing that is really weird about being here, some things close really early or have strange hours. Like the fact that a McDonald’s would be closed at 9pm on a Saturday seems kinda strange to me. We fortunately found a Subway so we did get the chance to eat. By the time we got back to the Gold Coast, the bus stopped running from the train station, so we had to call a friend to come pick us up at like 11 at night =/ Thanks Kelsee!

On Sunday I hung out pretty much doing nothing and trying to get some homework done as usual. Monday was back to the grind of going to my elementary school, going to the gym, getting dinner, and doing homework. I pretty much spent the whole time reading my homework book Cloudstreet, which is popular among high school students here.

Tuesday the 26th I went to final ethics lecture which is crazy and then went back to a hectic day at Zumba. I was really sore by the end of it especially from doing total body toning the night before. I tried to register for my fall classes in High Point, but I had a lot of difficulty because my advisor didn’t approve me to register even though we have talked frequently about my schedule. Ugh! Fortunately on Wednesday I got it working and created a rather interesting schedule. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I am in class from 8-3:15 with only an 1.5 hour of break time in between. I feel like I’m going back to high school again haha. Then on Monday and Wednesday I have one class from 5:45-7:25. While I don’t like night classes, it’s the only time the class is being offered. On Wednesday I also actually went to my other elementary school because of Good Friday being on Friday. I hurried back to my class at 4, which was my very last Australian Literature lecture.

On Thursday the 28th I went to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary with Rachael which was a lot of fun. It is basically a zoo that’s nearby. In the morning we had to transfer buses at the mall before we got to the zoo but since our first bus was running late we missed our second bus. We walked around the mall for 30 minutes and I even found my mother’s day present, before the next bus came. We finally got to the zoo and took our pictures with the koalas first. Then we walked over to the huge kangaroo exhibit in which everyone can just walk around, take pictures, feed the kangaroos, and even lay around with them. They were absolutely so friendly! Once we finished up for the day, we picked up lots of souvenirs and then headed to the bus stop. After waiting about 15 minutes, our bus finally came and as I stood up to get on, it drove away leaving us at the bus stop! I was so furious that he didn’t even slow down but just drove on. Fortunately 30 minutes later another bus came and we were still able to get back to school in time for me to make my class at 4.


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