Homework on homework


In case you want to find me, this is where I will be. The porch off my common room doing homework.

So I guess I have turned into a two week blogger because I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to keep up with this every week posting thing. For your sake though, it’s probably better because I really don’t have that many exciting things to say because I only have been doing homework this whole time. So I can tell you about the past two weeks of February 27th to today which is March 13th.

So last Wednesday I  went into Broadbeach State School for the first time, which is a local elementary school. I took the bus to one of the local malls and then it was like a 15 minute walk away and is located right on the beach, which is really cool. I went and spoke with Vicki who is the special education director and she had a little boy who is a kindergartener with autism, who I was supposed to work with. She introduced us and then showed me what she wanted us to do, which is pretty much just hanging out with him in the regular classroom. After I met with Vicki, I met the vice principal named Wayne and he took me to meet a 4th grade teacher who also wanted some help. So I am going to start going to Broadbeach on Friday’s to work with the kindergartener in the morning and the 4th grade boy in the afternoon. I came home and went to the free Wednesday BBQ lunch with Lia, followed by my typical literature class from 4-7.

The next day I went to tutoring at the middle school and then my classes. That night I had to stay up late working on a lab report, which was a much bigger assignment than I was assuming. This is probably because I am not a science major, so I was not prepared for the extensiveness that is college cell biology lab reports. We should see how that turned out next week.

On Friday the 1st I was supposed to go for my first full day at Broadbeach, but I woke up really sick with a sinus infection. I didn’t feel up to going and fortunately got a doctor’s appointment for 9:55 that morning which was so nice. They gave me lots of medicine and after getting breakfast and walking into town to get them from the pharmacy I came home ready to crash. As soon as I got home I had an email that I had a package so I went to pick it up and was surprised to see that mom and aunt mary sent me a big box filled with goodies. It was so nice and they had perfect timing. That afternoon my cell biology teacher sent me an edited version of my lab report, so I worked on that and when I went to print it out and turn it in, I realized that I didn’t save the paper right and I lost the new lab report with the changes. I went to talk to Dr. Sellers about it. From the combination of my stress and sickness, I burst into tears as soon as I walked into her office. It was not cute little tears either haha. She felt terrible and gave me an extension but I still felt really badly that I couldn’t turn it in on time. I came back to my room sobbed for like 10 minutes then washed my face and went to her lecture. I was really embarrassed and could hardly look at her haha. She was holding an extra review class for our mid-term and even though she told me not to come, I had to because if I didn’t, I would be more stressed about what I missed. After the lecture I ate dinner, having not eaten since 10 and started once again on the lab report.

On Saturday and Sunday I spent both days studying intensely for my cell biology mid-term and doing some government homework. Fortunately it all paid off and I got an 85.2% on my test which is a high distinction! Since they have a 15 point grading scale, that grade is equal to an A and is really hard to get here.

On Monday I went to the elementary school and Tuesday classes like normal.

On Wednesday I was really excited because I got to skype one of my best friends from high school, Krittika. That was fun and afterwards, I sat outside reading my homework book before class for several hours. It was so nice to have the sunshine when studying. I really like our porch off of the common room and use it quite frequently now. Unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking about my sun exposure that afternoon and my whole right side got burned, which was really painful. Especially along my neck which hurt with showers, sleeping, and wearing shirts haha.

On Thursday I woke up got some breakfast, went to a fusion yoga/pilates class, went to tutoring, and ethics lecture as normal. There was a big party that night but I didn’t go because I wasn’t really in the mood, so I hung out with my friend Hillary. She wrote her paper for literature and I started reading the next book for class.

On Friday I went to Broadbeach for the first time and had a good time. Once I got there Vicki informed me that they had actually hired a full time employee to work with the kindergartener. So she switched me to a different kindergarten class and now I am just going to help in the classroom instead. Then I went up to fourth grade and hung out with the boy who is in the special education program. I worked with him on sight words, math problems, spelling test, etc. He was sweet and we got along well. That afternoon I got home early and skyped with Andrew for a while because he is on spring break so I made him stay up to talk to me haha. Then he fell asleep so I went to Zumba, ate dinner, showered, and sat out on the porch reading a chapter of government homework with my friend Georgina.

On Saturday morning the 9th I worked with mom on setting up all of their flights for coming here. Then in the afternoon I sat out on the porch again writing my essays for government and then started researching for my literature paper. At some point Georgina came out and joined me again. I think that is going to be my new spot for the rest of the semester.

On Sunday I went to get brunch and then worked on my paper from like noon until 7 straight and was very productive. You guessed it, I was sitting on the porch, but covered in sunscreen. Actually I was a little too productive because my paper is about 2/3 written and already 1,000 words over the limit…

On Monday I went back to Merrimac State School and had a really good day as usual. I didn’t have to work with my difficult 6th grade boys in a small group and the class was really well behaved. I helped two of my difficult boys one on one and they worked extremely well. I haven’t really connected with the teacher in the past, but we got talking and I am really starting to like her. I even stayed and chatted throughout morning tea. That afternoon I went to total body toning and was crushed by our instructor. She worked us to the bone and I was literally drenched in sweat and my legs were shaking by the end. I came back and was planning on doing my last chapter of government but I stayed up skyping with mom instead.

On Tuesday morning I went to my classes like usual and had a great day. In cell biology lecture we had an easy chapter (mitosis) and got let out early. Then in the tutorial we also got let out early which was nice because I got to my ethics tutorial on time which was a first. I don’t know if I complained about this already but it’s so annoying because cell bio gets out at 2 and I’m supposed to start ethics at 2 and they are across campus from each other…its annoying I’m always late. I had a great day in ethics and had lots of informative things to say. Afterwards I met with my cell bio professor to go over my mid-term which was awesome. That evening I went to training for a new program I joined called AIME. It stands for Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience. So basically we work with local aboriginal high school kids. Afterwards I came home and did a whole chapter of government which took me longer to read than I thought, but we only had 3 essays instead of 4 or 5 and they were all easy. I was so happy to get it done early that night. Now that I have done 8 chapters they should mail my mid-term soon.

Today, March 13th, I woke up early and went to our first day of AIME from 9 to 2. Three different high school groups came and split into 9, 10, and 11/12. The 9th graders do fun team building activities, the 10th graders do more leadership stuff on racism and bullying, and the 11/12th graders do goal setting, resilience, and study skills stuff. I was with 11th and 12th graders and while it was fun, the kids didn’t take it very seriously so it was kind of hard and frustrating. Next week different schools come and I will probably work with the younger kids to try something new. After AIME, I got a bite to eat and had class at 4. We just went over our essays in small groups and individually with the professor. Since she started with my group, we got to leave at 5 instead of 7 which was nice. So Hillary and I booked flights at the travel agent and then got dinner. I decided to take tonight off to paint my nails, talk to mom & dad, and do this. Starting tomorrow it is back to grind of doing work, but for now I am off to bed. Goodnight!  



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