My four day beach weekend.

     These are my girls, in case you don’t recognize me, I am the really white one hahaImage So yet another week has passed and I have realized that in about ten days to two weeks I will be halfway done my semester in Australia. It actually made me sad to realize how quickly the time is passing here, as Valentine’s Day begins in about an hour and it feels like Christmas was a couple weeks ago. This week that has passed goes from Thursday the 7th of February to February 13, 2013.

     Well last Thursday I woke up and had my first lab in my cell biology class. It was really interesting to learn about how they do labs here. I wore my oversized lab coat with jeans and sneakers for the first time since being here. There were a bunch of grad students serving as our lab assistants and they had everything already set up for us and put in order, so we didn’t have to get any of the materials ourselves. The first one I did was staining skin cell slides that the grad students had pre-made for us. So we had to rehydrate the slides and stain them and then dehydrate them again. Next I got to prepare a slide of my own cheek cells and stain them as well. Finally I prepared a blood slide and stain them too. Once I finished I went to my microscope and looked at them all. I was really happy that they all turned out really well. I also got to work with the best microscope I have ever used, so everything was really clear. After lab I got a bite to eat then skyped with some of the favorites, Danny, Kelly, and Uncle Bruce and Andy. It is so nice to catch up with everyone and it always makes my mornings to talk to people at home. Then at 1:30 I had an interview with volunteer Gold Coast which is an organization that acts as a headhunter for companies that are looking for volunteers. A volunteer Gold Coast employee interviewed me and then recommend me to good matches. I told them that I wanted to work in the local elementary school because of my major and she got me in contact with Merrimac State School. She did not have a lot of other recommendations because I only have two months left, so I had to convince her that I could do a lot of hours even in the short period of time. After my interview I had lunch with my Australian friend, Laura and hung out with her until I had ethics at 4.

     On Friday morning I woke up early and went to the local retirement center where we had Valentine’s Day arts and crafts. It was really nice to sit with some of the residents and decorate cards and make those paper snowflake like cut outs that were heart shaped. Afterwards I had lunch and went to the beach for the afternoon. While it wasn’t the warmest out, it was nice just to sleep on the beach and read my book. The buses seemed to take forever, so Dane and I played in the trees and walked around Burleigh taking pictures while we waited. That night I just hung out in my room relaxing and I realized that I desperately needed to paint my nails since I they weren’t done since Christmas. So now they are looking a lovely shade of teal.

     When I woke up Saturday morning I was really homesick and wasn’t feeling good, but I did get to talk to some people from home which helped a little. Fortunately my girls came through for me and we went to Surfer’s Paradise in the afternoon and went to the Ironman lifesaver’s competition. It is like a lifeguard marathon. The guys had to surf out to this buoy and back, then swim out and back, and finally kayak out and back. They had to repeat this process five times and it was very intense. The waves were huge and the buoys were really far out. The rankings could quickly change too because, for example, if a kayak got flipped by a wave that person could suddenly end up in last place. The guy who won went down to 7th place at one point. Afterwards we walked around and got their signatures on a free poster and took pictures. Apparently these guys are really well known and looked at like celebrities by the Australians. Some of them are even Olympic athletes. That night we picked up a bunch of food as a care package for our friend Lia because she got an eye infection and had to go to the hospital which was crazy. We just hung out in the common room for a while instead of going out. I also decided to walk into town because I wanted to get cash out of the ATM and I needed to mail some postcards. While I was in town I also picked up some chocolate chip cookies and I have tried to keep them as long as possible, but they will probably be gone by tomorrow. I am really mad because High Point was giving out Girl Scout cookies and I’m so jealous. I have been craving sugary foods, chocolate, and cookies like crazy for a while. Rahhh!

     The next day, Sunday, we went to Burleigh Beach where it was the last day of the Breaka Surfing Competition. It was cool to be able to watch the men’s finals. I realized that it’s not exactly my favorite sport to watch because it is hard to see much and it is slow. The guys were out there for 30 minutes at a time and were allowed to do 15 waves. Unfortunately there wasn’t much out there (waves were small and infrequent), so the guys didn’t surf very many. After the competition we laid on the beach, but it was really crowded and hot. That night, Lia and I also worked with our friend Kiara on her “how to” speech for her public speaking class. She decided to do her’s on CPR, so I got to practice being dead a couple times which was enlightening.

     On Monday morning I got to skype with Stephanie for a while and it was nice to catch up with her. That afternoon we decided that we would go back to Surfer’s Paradise again, since we live here and it’s close haha. So Sam, Lia, and I had a really nice day because it was windy enough that we didn’t get hot from lying out and there weren’t many people around because it was a week day. That night my friend Amy and I tried to go to Trivia Night, but when we walked up to Don’s, the campus bar, there was loud music and balloons and a sign said private party, so we were confused and decided just to come back. Instead of trivia, I just did all my laundry, since the maids came that morning and I had to do my homework for the week.

     Yesterday I had a very busy day like I do every Tuesday. I had my cell biology lecture in the morning and then got lunch with my friends until my next class. I had my ethics and cell biology tutorials. Afterwards I realized that I hadn’t heard from the local elementary school, so I called the lady back again. She was super nice and said that while she was initially looking for help in a special education classroom, she might put me in a general education classroom since that is my major. She said that she would talk to some teachers and get back to me by Friday. She also said that I could probably start next week! I am really excited because I miss my kids so much. I am used to working in a classroom, nannying, hanging out with my little from Big Brothers Big Sisters Danielle, and babysitting too. This will help keep me busy and I am really interested in learning more about their school system. I guaranteed her that while I don’t have much time left, I am going to put a lot of hours into the next two months. After I got off the phone from her and I checked my mail. I was really happy because my blue card had arrived. It is basically a government issued background check, so that I can work with children. I need to have it to work in the classroom, so I’m glad it arrived. I also went over the clinic because I have been having problems with my thumb recently. Even though the doctor was 30 minutes late, he was really nice. I can’t bend my thumb back without significant pain and he said that he couldn’t tell exactly what was wrong without an MRI, but they are pretty expensive. If there isn’t a major problem like something torn then there probably isn’t anything that he can actually do. He said that it’s probably like a blood clot in the joint or something that I got from white water rafting. Since it doesn’t affect my writing, he suggested just holding off. He said it will probably take like two months to go away and that if I’m still having pain after I go home, then I should have it checked out again. I also had a wart on my finger that he froze and now it looks really ugly haha. I hope it goes away soon and I don’t have to go back. Afterwards I went to Zumba and had my favorite teacher Sean and had a great workout.

     Last night I stayed up really late doing government homework and skyping mommy and Kelly so I slept in until 11. I eventually got up and ate lunch and hung out with the girls. Then I skyped with Andrew for a while and had Australian writing for another 3 hours =/ It is always such a long class! I had dinner and just got back a little bit ago. I finished up the second chapter of government and am writing this now. So this week certainly hasn’t been the most exciting, but there are several fun things that should be happening this weekend which I am looking forward too. I also find out my finals schedule on Friday and after I get that, I can start working with daddy to plan their vacation to come visit me! Just let me know if you would like to join them =]


2 thoughts on “My four day beach weekend.

  1. Bob Keay

    Looks wonderful and so glad all is going well/you are having a great time. Mom said you and Peter were sightseeing. Suggest you skip school labs, etc. and get more rays (beach); must come home with a well developed tan. PS don’t Dad I recommended this ;>) Our best from Central Pa. Bob and Janice

    1. kaitlinbonner Post author

      Yes everything is wonderful. I am having a great time and enjoying having Peter take us around. We just went with him to the zoo on Friday, I will have to write about that soon. Don’t worry I don’t have to skip class to get in enough beach trips. I am working on the tan, but my white skin just doesn’t really know how to tan. I am always covered in sunscreen so I don’t burn haha. Hopefully the cold and snow isn’t too bad and you’re avoiding the traffic of THON weekend!


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