The last two weeks in March

Well seeing as it’s already May, it is pretty obvious that I got behind on my blog, but I wanted to write down as much as I can now before I start to forget absolutely everything. I actually wrote this post on the 28th of March but I never got around to editing it and posting it. So here it is.

Here we go again as I attempt to remember the past two weeks… This is actually going to be rather short because I can’t remember that much. I guess that would be from Thursday March 14th to today which is March 28th.

 Well Thursday the 14th was probably just a typical day of tutoring in the afternoon and then going to class. On Friday I went to my elementary school and of course had a good time. I worked with my adorable kindergarteners in the morning and then had two fourth grade boys in the afternoon, who did a really good job.

Over the weekend of the 16-17 I spent the entire time in the library working on homework. At least I tried too, I had a hard time getting motivated to work because the weather has been nice out and I want to go to the beach; except I had two major essays that were due the 18th and 21st so I couldn’t go. The first one was for my ethics class and I wrote about if it was ever okay to kill innocent people. I was really happy because I just found out that I got a High Distinction on it. The second one was for my literature class and was about a book I read called My Brilliant Career. 

On Monday I went to my other elementary school and probably had a really good day because it’s one of my favorite places to be. On Tuesday I went to all my regular classes. I probably worked on my literature some more over that time period.

On Wednesday I met with my AIME kids again and had a really good time. I worked with the 9th graders instead of 11&12 and they did much better. I mostly worked with three girls and they were focused on the activities and very open with me. I learned a lot about what it’s like to be 13 year old Caucasian Aboriginal girls. Fortunately they all wanted to go to college by the end of the day, so I must have done something right. They were also enthralled with my whole life and wanted to know absolutely everything about America and my school.

On Thursday I had a lab in the morning which was really fun. We worked on extracting the mitochondria out of spinach leaves. We separated it really well and the first part worked out, but then we figured out that we unfortunately had mitochondria in the left over fluid. So we must have done something wrong. Mostly likely we crushed it too much and once it’s fluid you can’t easily separate it. That afternoon I finished up my literature essay, which I think I finished quite well and then went back to tutoring, followed by an ethics lecture once again.

 On Friday the 22nd I had a really exciting day because Peter picked me up from school and drove me down to New South Wales to see Byron Bay & Ballina and meet his mom. It took us about an hour and half to get to his mom’s retirement center house. After we got there, she made us a nice little lunch and we took her out for a drive. We drove south and Peter showed us all around which was really pretty. I was definitely in the mood to get off campus for a while. We dropped his mom off and then slowly made our way north. We drove up through Byron Bay and looked at the famous lighthouse.

I woke up early Saturday morning and went with the Student Philanthropy Council to plant trees on Mount Tambourine. It was absolutely gorgeous up in the mountains. We left early in the morning so we could get some work done before it got really hot. Over the course of a couple hours we planted 230 trees and then had to water them by walking down to the creek and filling buckets. It was a remote little park area and we planted the trees on the sides of the creek bank. It got hot extremely quickly and we were all exhausted and gross by the time we finished. We were lucky that the bus driver stopped on the way home so that we could take some really pretty pictures. I came home and tried to lay down for a while, but a couple hours later Rachael and I left for a Reds rugby game in Brisbane. When we bought our tickets, they came with free public transportation, so we were able to take the train up for free which was nice. Then as soon as we walked out of the train station we found a bus to take us to the stadium, even though we could have easily walked. We walked around the stadium a little and bought a couple t-shirts. The game was really interesting to watch but rather confusing. I was trying to look it up on my phone but the game hardly stops and I didn’t want to miss any of it, since it’s only an hour and half long. We were winning the whole game but right at the end we almost lost it. Fortunately the guys stuck it out and we won! After the game was over, we tried to find the bus stop again but couldn’t, so we just followed the crowd which eventually led us back to the train station. We found out our train didn’t come for 45 minutes so we tried to get McDonalds for dinner but it was closed. That is one thing that is really weird about being here, some things close really early or have strange hours. Like the fact that a McDonald’s would be closed at 9pm on a Saturday seems kinda strange to me. We fortunately found a Subway so we did get the chance to eat. By the time we got back to the Gold Coast, the bus stopped running from the train station, so we had to call a friend to come pick us up at like 11 at night =/ Thanks Kelsee!

On Sunday I hung out pretty much doing nothing and trying to get some homework done as usual. Monday was back to the grind of going to my elementary school, going to the gym, getting dinner, and doing homework. I pretty much spent the whole time reading my homework book Cloudstreet, which is popular among high school students here.

Tuesday the 26th I went to final ethics lecture which is crazy and then went back to a hectic day at Zumba. I was really sore by the end of it especially from doing total body toning the night before. I tried to register for my fall classes in High Point, but I had a lot of difficulty because my advisor didn’t approve me to register even though we have talked frequently about my schedule. Ugh! Fortunately on Wednesday I got it working and created a rather interesting schedule. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I am in class from 8-3:15 with only an 1.5 hour of break time in between. I feel like I’m going back to high school again haha. Then on Monday and Wednesday I have one class from 5:45-7:25. While I don’t like night classes, it’s the only time the class is being offered. On Wednesday I also actually went to my other elementary school because of Good Friday being on Friday. I hurried back to my class at 4, which was my very last Australian Literature lecture.

On Thursday the 28th I went to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary with Rachael which was a lot of fun. It is basically a zoo that’s nearby. In the morning we had to transfer buses at the mall before we got to the zoo but since our first bus was running late we missed our second bus. We walked around the mall for 30 minutes and I even found my mother’s day present, before the next bus came. We finally got to the zoo and took our pictures with the koalas first. Then we walked over to the huge kangaroo exhibit in which everyone can just walk around, take pictures, feed the kangaroos, and even lay around with them. They were absolutely so friendly! Once we finished up for the day, we picked up lots of souvenirs and then headed to the bus stop. After waiting about 15 minutes, our bus finally came and as I stood up to get on, it drove away leaving us at the bus stop! I was so furious that he didn’t even slow down but just drove on. Fortunately 30 minutes later another bus came and we were still able to get back to school in time for me to make my class at 4.


Homework on homework


In case you want to find me, this is where I will be. The porch off my common room doing homework.

So I guess I have turned into a two week blogger because I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to keep up with this every week posting thing. For your sake though, it’s probably better because I really don’t have that many exciting things to say because I only have been doing homework this whole time. So I can tell you about the past two weeks of February 27th to today which is March 13th.

So last Wednesday I  went into Broadbeach State School for the first time, which is a local elementary school. I took the bus to one of the local malls and then it was like a 15 minute walk away and is located right on the beach, which is really cool. I went and spoke with Vicki who is the special education director and she had a little boy who is a kindergartener with autism, who I was supposed to work with. She introduced us and then showed me what she wanted us to do, which is pretty much just hanging out with him in the regular classroom. After I met with Vicki, I met the vice principal named Wayne and he took me to meet a 4th grade teacher who also wanted some help. So I am going to start going to Broadbeach on Friday’s to work with the kindergartener in the morning and the 4th grade boy in the afternoon. I came home and went to the free Wednesday BBQ lunch with Lia, followed by my typical literature class from 4-7.

The next day I went to tutoring at the middle school and then my classes. That night I had to stay up late working on a lab report, which was a much bigger assignment than I was assuming. This is probably because I am not a science major, so I was not prepared for the extensiveness that is college cell biology lab reports. We should see how that turned out next week.

On Friday the 1st I was supposed to go for my first full day at Broadbeach, but I woke up really sick with a sinus infection. I didn’t feel up to going and fortunately got a doctor’s appointment for 9:55 that morning which was so nice. They gave me lots of medicine and after getting breakfast and walking into town to get them from the pharmacy I came home ready to crash. As soon as I got home I had an email that I had a package so I went to pick it up and was surprised to see that mom and aunt mary sent me a big box filled with goodies. It was so nice and they had perfect timing. That afternoon my cell biology teacher sent me an edited version of my lab report, so I worked on that and when I went to print it out and turn it in, I realized that I didn’t save the paper right and I lost the new lab report with the changes. I went to talk to Dr. Sellers about it. From the combination of my stress and sickness, I burst into tears as soon as I walked into her office. It was not cute little tears either haha. She felt terrible and gave me an extension but I still felt really badly that I couldn’t turn it in on time. I came back to my room sobbed for like 10 minutes then washed my face and went to her lecture. I was really embarrassed and could hardly look at her haha. She was holding an extra review class for our mid-term and even though she told me not to come, I had to because if I didn’t, I would be more stressed about what I missed. After the lecture I ate dinner, having not eaten since 10 and started once again on the lab report.

On Saturday and Sunday I spent both days studying intensely for my cell biology mid-term and doing some government homework. Fortunately it all paid off and I got an 85.2% on my test which is a high distinction! Since they have a 15 point grading scale, that grade is equal to an A and is really hard to get here.

On Monday I went to the elementary school and Tuesday classes like normal.

On Wednesday I was really excited because I got to skype one of my best friends from high school, Krittika. That was fun and afterwards, I sat outside reading my homework book before class for several hours. It was so nice to have the sunshine when studying. I really like our porch off of the common room and use it quite frequently now. Unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking about my sun exposure that afternoon and my whole right side got burned, which was really painful. Especially along my neck which hurt with showers, sleeping, and wearing shirts haha.

On Thursday I woke up got some breakfast, went to a fusion yoga/pilates class, went to tutoring, and ethics lecture as normal. There was a big party that night but I didn’t go because I wasn’t really in the mood, so I hung out with my friend Hillary. She wrote her paper for literature and I started reading the next book for class.

On Friday I went to Broadbeach for the first time and had a good time. Once I got there Vicki informed me that they had actually hired a full time employee to work with the kindergartener. So she switched me to a different kindergarten class and now I am just going to help in the classroom instead. Then I went up to fourth grade and hung out with the boy who is in the special education program. I worked with him on sight words, math problems, spelling test, etc. He was sweet and we got along well. That afternoon I got home early and skyped with Andrew for a while because he is on spring break so I made him stay up to talk to me haha. Then he fell asleep so I went to Zumba, ate dinner, showered, and sat out on the porch reading a chapter of government homework with my friend Georgina.

On Saturday morning the 9th I worked with mom on setting up all of their flights for coming here. Then in the afternoon I sat out on the porch again writing my essays for government and then started researching for my literature paper. At some point Georgina came out and joined me again. I think that is going to be my new spot for the rest of the semester.

On Sunday I went to get brunch and then worked on my paper from like noon until 7 straight and was very productive. You guessed it, I was sitting on the porch, but covered in sunscreen. Actually I was a little too productive because my paper is about 2/3 written and already 1,000 words over the limit…

On Monday I went back to Merrimac State School and had a really good day as usual. I didn’t have to work with my difficult 6th grade boys in a small group and the class was really well behaved. I helped two of my difficult boys one on one and they worked extremely well. I haven’t really connected with the teacher in the past, but we got talking and I am really starting to like her. I even stayed and chatted throughout morning tea. That afternoon I went to total body toning and was crushed by our instructor. She worked us to the bone and I was literally drenched in sweat and my legs were shaking by the end. I came back and was planning on doing my last chapter of government but I stayed up skyping with mom instead.

On Tuesday morning I went to my classes like usual and had a great day. In cell biology lecture we had an easy chapter (mitosis) and got let out early. Then in the tutorial we also got let out early which was nice because I got to my ethics tutorial on time which was a first. I don’t know if I complained about this already but it’s so annoying because cell bio gets out at 2 and I’m supposed to start ethics at 2 and they are across campus from each other…its annoying I’m always late. I had a great day in ethics and had lots of informative things to say. Afterwards I met with my cell bio professor to go over my mid-term which was awesome. That evening I went to training for a new program I joined called AIME. It stands for Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience. So basically we work with local aboriginal high school kids. Afterwards I came home and did a whole chapter of government which took me longer to read than I thought, but we only had 3 essays instead of 4 or 5 and they were all easy. I was so happy to get it done early that night. Now that I have done 8 chapters they should mail my mid-term soon.

Today, March 13th, I woke up early and went to our first day of AIME from 9 to 2. Three different high school groups came and split into 9, 10, and 11/12. The 9th graders do fun team building activities, the 10th graders do more leadership stuff on racism and bullying, and the 11/12th graders do goal setting, resilience, and study skills stuff. I was with 11th and 12th graders and while it was fun, the kids didn’t take it very seriously so it was kind of hard and frustrating. Next week different schools come and I will probably work with the younger kids to try something new. After AIME, I got a bite to eat and had class at 4. We just went over our essays in small groups and individually with the professor. Since she started with my group, we got to leave at 5 instead of 7 which was nice. So Hillary and I booked flights at the travel agent and then got dinner. I decided to take tonight off to paint my nails, talk to mom & dad, and do this. Starting tomorrow it is back to grind of doing work, but for now I am off to bed. Goodnight!  


Oops I forgot a week, here is two weeks at once!


Hey guys so I kind of let two weeks get by me without sitting down to write about it and tell everyone what was going on. I will do my best to remember it all, but no promises since it unfortunately has been so long. I sort of had to force myself to sit down and do this right now, when what I really wanted to do, is start working on an itinerary for mom and dad’s trip out here. Dad is actually flying over Afghanistan right now, so I doubt the last thing he wants to do is get on another plane haha. Now I will attempt to write about February 14th to today which is February 26th.

I had a pretty good Valentine’s Day here in Australia, although I didn’t get to spend it with Andrew. I was awoken by my desk phone ringing about 10 am and I was very confused, since no one actually calls me on that number. It was a very sweet lady and the conversation went a little like this:

Lady: Good morning Miss Kaitlin

Kaitlin: Uh hi?

Lady: Happy Valentine’s Day

Kaitlin: Uh thanks? You too.

Lady: This is Ms. Kerry from the mail room. I have a lovely surprise waiting for you here.

Kaitlin: Okay thanks. I will be in shortly.

Lady: Have a great day.

Haha she is super sweet and after I skyped with mom, got out of bed, ate a delicious chocolate croissant, and hung out with my friends, I went to the mail room and had beautiful roses waiting for me. I carried them back to my room and got stared at the entire way! That afternoon I went to Varsity College which isn’t actually a college but a K-12 school and we get to tutor middle schoolers. I do that with the same club that I go the retirement center with. I had fun and got paired with a little girl in 7th grade, who had a bunch of different math problems to do. I was a little nervous at first, since I don’t remember much about 7th grade math, but we worked through it and were able to do all of the problems except one since we didn’t have a protractor. Afterwards, I went to my ethics lecture and I went to bed too early, so I couldn’t sleep all night and woke up at 5.

On Friday it was a pretty exciting day because Lia, Kathleen, and I went to the Australia Zoo commonly known as Steve Irwin’s Zoo with Peter. We had to wake up really early and take the bus to the train station. This wasn’t a problem as I was already up at 5 haha. We rode partially into the city when Peter picked us up and drove us the rest of the way to the zoo. Once we were getting closer north the rain really started to pick up and we began to get a little worried. We decided to keep on going and take our chances and we actually lucked out pretty well. While it was still raining when we arrived, it wasn’t too bad and we had a lot of fun. All of the animals were still out and it wasn’t very crowded or hot at all. By the end I merely had a wet umbrella and wet sneakers. It was totally worth it to pet the kangaroos and koalas. On the drive home we got stuck in traffic and it took us forever but we had nice views of the local suburbs and the Sunshine Coast. After arriving home, that evening was The Let’s Get Physical Party. We all dressed up in our colorful clothes and had a great time at Don’s the school pub and then went to Melba’s in the city. Around 1 Lia, Hillary, and I decided to ditch and come home. That night I barely got any sleep because we had exciting plans the next day too!

On Saturday the 16th Allison (our friend who goes to UD), Rachael, and I were supposed to go on a hike to Mt. Warning at 8 am. After driving an hour there with the hiking club, we saw that the national park was closed because of so much storm damage from the cyclone a couple weeks ago. It was still a really nice scenic drive and then they took us to the rock pools where I went the first week here in Australia. We were able to walk around a little and watch people swimming in the cold rainy weather. I would love to go back again when it is warm. Oh and I was so excited because as we were driving to Mt. Warning, it was the first time I saw wild kangaroos hanging out in some guys field it was so cool! I came home and literally crashed from having a very long weekend already. That evening we went back out to Surfer’s Paradise to go The Hard Rock Cafe to celebrate Lauren’s 21st birthday. On our way back, we had to wait in the rain a long time as the bus was like 20 minutes late.

I don’t remember anything too significant that happened on Sunday.

On Monday it was my first day at the local elementary school Merrimac State School. I was very excited and nervous about the whole situation with the buses, since I had to transfer and didn’t know where my end stop was, but everything went fine and it all worked out. It was very confusing because their schools are set up as a bunch of little permanent trailer type buildings instead of one or two large buildings like we are used to here in the states. I finally found the office and signed in, then found my contact Trish who is the special education director. She had called me on Friday and had asked for me to come in which was very exciting call to get in the middle of the crocodile show. She showed me around the school a little, gave me a map, my own name tag, and introduced me to my teachers. I work in 6 different classrooms throughout the day in a range of grades. From 9 to 10 I am with Mr. Elliot in 5th grade, I really like him and his class is great. We do the weekly pre-test of the spelling words and then work with them in their spelling books. Then from 10 to 11, I am with Ms. Riis in 6th grade and that is pretty tough. She gave me three of her difficult boys to work on creating a story pyramid, with rising action, climax, falling action stuff and they were pretty obnoxious. From 11 to 11:30 is morning tea, so I hang out in the special ed room with Trish. Then from 11:30 to 12:30 I am with Ms. O’Mallane in 3rd grade and she is super sweet and asked me to come to her room all day, every day. I helped her kids get set up on a website where they can do practice reading comprehension games at home. From 12:30 to 1:00 I hang out with Ms. Boff in 1st grade and help the kids with their classwork. It’s pretty crazy in there and she doesn’t have great control of the class. From 1 to 1:45, I have big lunch back in the special ed room. Then from 1:45 to 2:15 I go back to 1st grade with Ms. Brink who I really like and help out a little girl who has learning disabilities and do reading and letters flashcards with her. I end the day back at 3rd grade with Ms. Bird and I can’t remember what I did. After getting back to Bond, I did homework and prepared for my busy Tuesday.

I cannot remember if anything exciting happened on Tuesday.

I did get to skype with Jessie Roarty on Wednesday morning once I got up. Yay! That was so much fun and then I also spoke with the florist about my roses because they never quite opened and she said that she would bring me something today. Unfortunately she arrived when I was in class, so she dropped them off at security and after class/dinner I walked there. She brought me these beautiful lilies and a box of chocolates. They didn’t come in a vase so I was a little worried about what I would do, but my extra water bottle worked out perfectly. It is a teal blue plain clear plastic, so it doesn’t even look that strange. I wrapped the bow around it, to make it prettier and today almost a week later, I have 8 full flowers with 4 on the way and a yummy smelling room.

On Thursday the 21st I had another lab which was fun and I got to learn a lot. It is cool because all the kids in my class are all some form of like medical/sports exercise type majors, so a lot of the work is very practical. They don’t have to do general education classes except for four classes, so my friend is taking Genetics, Cell Biology, Chemistry, and Principals of Human Structure and Function all as a first semester student. It sounds so crazy and overwhelming to me! But back to this lab, we got to test albumin levels in the blood in order to see if two different patients had liver failure. So it was cool to do real world type stuff and understand it. Afterwards I went back to Varsity College to tutor and mostly worked one girl with learning disabilities write the definitions for her spelling words. All of the kids there get their own computers for the year and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I understand why, but as the little girl told me they are difficult to use and they use them for absolutely everything. They are only difficult for her because she doesn’t have a lot of experience with it but still, I think they take away from some of the skills used when doing homework. For example we were pretty much working on computer skills like creating a table, finding, and copy and paste skills, instead of handwriting and using a dictionary. I doubt the girl even read the definitions of her spelling words. After ethics class, that night we went out for Dane’s birthday since he was turning 21. We had fun and went to Sin City in Surfer’s Paradise. Around midnight my from friends from UD and I went home and I actually had a really cool conversation with a guy on the bus about the differences between The States and Australia.

On Friday I pretty much hung out in my room, worked on some post cards, and did homework. I walked back to the doctor and just wanted to ask him to look at the wart on my finger, hoping that I wouldn’t have to make another appointment and pay again. Fortunately the nurse looked at it right away, cut it down a little and said it should go away. Hopefully it does and I don’t have to go back, but she said it might need to be refrozen. It was a very cooped up day and I was definitely ready for it to be Saturday because it was supposed to be really nice. Which it was, yay! We spent the whole day at the beach and I definitely needed the time to soak up the sun. I even walked down to the hotel that mom and dad might be staying at in Burleigh Beach. It looks nice and is super close to the water.

That night I didn’t sleep very well either and I was supposed to go tree planting with the student philanthropy council. Unfortunately I was wide awake at 5 am and couldn’t go back to sleep until 6 and then the fire alarm went off. As we walked downstairs, we saw that it was absolutely pouring rain and luckily they didn’t actually make us go outside. While waiting, I also got the email that our tree planting event was cancelled, so I finally got back into bed and slept until noon haha. After hanging out and walking into town with Rachael, I went to the gym and had a great workout. I went to bed early that night after talking with my big Kathleen for a while outside. It was really funny, we were standing in the parking lot talking, when a girl walked outside and told us we were being too loud and she could hear us in her room while she was trying to study…talk about awkward haha why she didn’t close her window, I don’t know. I have also decided to try and create better sleep habits for myself since I haven’t been sleeping well. This is because I have been going to bed really late some nights and early the next night and have been waking up early some morning and late other mornings.

On Monday the 25th I went back to the elementary school and had another really good day, except I was really mad that I accidently left my umbrella on the bus. On the way back home I have a bus lay over at the town centre, so I ran in and got another umbrella for 6 bucks. Hopefully even though it’s cheap, it will survive the next month and a half. Everything was pretty much the same at school, except this time I sent the ring leader of my difficult 6th grade boys back into his classroom because he wouldn’t work and was being so rude to me. I think this created a bit of a shock and hopefully we will be better next week, since they realized I can be mean too. Haha. I had another great workout at total body toning, showered, ate dinner with the UD girls, and then watched Wreck it Ralph with my big and Dane, it was so adorable!    

Today Tuesday the 26th, I had my classes all day. I am frustrated because I am starting to get a little lost with cell biology as it is getting to harder material. Fortunately Dr. Sellers recognizes this, so she is having a catch up review class before the mid-term next Thursday. Oh I was also happy because the last little scab/blister of my wart is fully gone and my finger looks normal again. Yay! I had a great day in my ethics tutorial, answered a bunch of questions, and learned a lot. I did a boat load of laundry and then went to Zumba and dinner. I am happy because I spoke with a teacher and the assistant principal of another elementary school where I am going probably to volunteer on Fridays. I am going in tomorrow to meet with them and a little kindergartener with Autism that I might work with. I am getting busy, which I enjoy and also have a fair amount of work to do over the course of March. So hopefully that will help the time go quickly, as I am beginning to get ready to come home.

Hope to talk to you all soon and that you have a great week. Love you!

My four day beach weekend.

     These are my girls, in case you don’t recognize me, I am the really white one hahaImage So yet another week has passed and I have realized that in about ten days to two weeks I will be halfway done my semester in Australia. It actually made me sad to realize how quickly the time is passing here, as Valentine’s Day begins in about an hour and it feels like Christmas was a couple weeks ago. This week that has passed goes from Thursday the 7th of February to February 13, 2013.

     Well last Thursday I woke up and had my first lab in my cell biology class. It was really interesting to learn about how they do labs here. I wore my oversized lab coat with jeans and sneakers for the first time since being here. There were a bunch of grad students serving as our lab assistants and they had everything already set up for us and put in order, so we didn’t have to get any of the materials ourselves. The first one I did was staining skin cell slides that the grad students had pre-made for us. So we had to rehydrate the slides and stain them and then dehydrate them again. Next I got to prepare a slide of my own cheek cells and stain them as well. Finally I prepared a blood slide and stain them too. Once I finished I went to my microscope and looked at them all. I was really happy that they all turned out really well. I also got to work with the best microscope I have ever used, so everything was really clear. After lab I got a bite to eat then skyped with some of the favorites, Danny, Kelly, and Uncle Bruce and Andy. It is so nice to catch up with everyone and it always makes my mornings to talk to people at home. Then at 1:30 I had an interview with volunteer Gold Coast which is an organization that acts as a headhunter for companies that are looking for volunteers. A volunteer Gold Coast employee interviewed me and then recommend me to good matches. I told them that I wanted to work in the local elementary school because of my major and she got me in contact with Merrimac State School. She did not have a lot of other recommendations because I only have two months left, so I had to convince her that I could do a lot of hours even in the short period of time. After my interview I had lunch with my Australian friend, Laura and hung out with her until I had ethics at 4.

     On Friday morning I woke up early and went to the local retirement center where we had Valentine’s Day arts and crafts. It was really nice to sit with some of the residents and decorate cards and make those paper snowflake like cut outs that were heart shaped. Afterwards I had lunch and went to the beach for the afternoon. While it wasn’t the warmest out, it was nice just to sleep on the beach and read my book. The buses seemed to take forever, so Dane and I played in the trees and walked around Burleigh taking pictures while we waited. That night I just hung out in my room relaxing and I realized that I desperately needed to paint my nails since I they weren’t done since Christmas. So now they are looking a lovely shade of teal.

     When I woke up Saturday morning I was really homesick and wasn’t feeling good, but I did get to talk to some people from home which helped a little. Fortunately my girls came through for me and we went to Surfer’s Paradise in the afternoon and went to the Ironman lifesaver’s competition. It is like a lifeguard marathon. The guys had to surf out to this buoy and back, then swim out and back, and finally kayak out and back. They had to repeat this process five times and it was very intense. The waves were huge and the buoys were really far out. The rankings could quickly change too because, for example, if a kayak got flipped by a wave that person could suddenly end up in last place. The guy who won went down to 7th place at one point. Afterwards we walked around and got their signatures on a free poster and took pictures. Apparently these guys are really well known and looked at like celebrities by the Australians. Some of them are even Olympic athletes. That night we picked up a bunch of food as a care package for our friend Lia because she got an eye infection and had to go to the hospital which was crazy. We just hung out in the common room for a while instead of going out. I also decided to walk into town because I wanted to get cash out of the ATM and I needed to mail some postcards. While I was in town I also picked up some chocolate chip cookies and I have tried to keep them as long as possible, but they will probably be gone by tomorrow. I am really mad because High Point was giving out Girl Scout cookies and I’m so jealous. I have been craving sugary foods, chocolate, and cookies like crazy for a while. Rahhh!

     The next day, Sunday, we went to Burleigh Beach where it was the last day of the Breaka Surfing Competition. It was cool to be able to watch the men’s finals. I realized that it’s not exactly my favorite sport to watch because it is hard to see much and it is slow. The guys were out there for 30 minutes at a time and were allowed to do 15 waves. Unfortunately there wasn’t much out there (waves were small and infrequent), so the guys didn’t surf very many. After the competition we laid on the beach, but it was really crowded and hot. That night, Lia and I also worked with our friend Kiara on her “how to” speech for her public speaking class. She decided to do her’s on CPR, so I got to practice being dead a couple times which was enlightening.

     On Monday morning I got to skype with Stephanie for a while and it was nice to catch up with her. That afternoon we decided that we would go back to Surfer’s Paradise again, since we live here and it’s close haha. So Sam, Lia, and I had a really nice day because it was windy enough that we didn’t get hot from lying out and there weren’t many people around because it was a week day. That night my friend Amy and I tried to go to Trivia Night, but when we walked up to Don’s, the campus bar, there was loud music and balloons and a sign said private party, so we were confused and decided just to come back. Instead of trivia, I just did all my laundry, since the maids came that morning and I had to do my homework for the week.

     Yesterday I had a very busy day like I do every Tuesday. I had my cell biology lecture in the morning and then got lunch with my friends until my next class. I had my ethics and cell biology tutorials. Afterwards I realized that I hadn’t heard from the local elementary school, so I called the lady back again. She was super nice and said that while she was initially looking for help in a special education classroom, she might put me in a general education classroom since that is my major. She said that she would talk to some teachers and get back to me by Friday. She also said that I could probably start next week! I am really excited because I miss my kids so much. I am used to working in a classroom, nannying, hanging out with my little from Big Brothers Big Sisters Danielle, and babysitting too. This will help keep me busy and I am really interested in learning more about their school system. I guaranteed her that while I don’t have much time left, I am going to put a lot of hours into the next two months. After I got off the phone from her and I checked my mail. I was really happy because my blue card had arrived. It is basically a government issued background check, so that I can work with children. I need to have it to work in the classroom, so I’m glad it arrived. I also went over the clinic because I have been having problems with my thumb recently. Even though the doctor was 30 minutes late, he was really nice. I can’t bend my thumb back without significant pain and he said that he couldn’t tell exactly what was wrong without an MRI, but they are pretty expensive. If there isn’t a major problem like something torn then there probably isn’t anything that he can actually do. He said that it’s probably like a blood clot in the joint or something that I got from white water rafting. Since it doesn’t affect my writing, he suggested just holding off. He said it will probably take like two months to go away and that if I’m still having pain after I go home, then I should have it checked out again. I also had a wart on my finger that he froze and now it looks really ugly haha. I hope it goes away soon and I don’t have to go back. Afterwards I went to Zumba and had my favorite teacher Sean and had a great workout.

     Last night I stayed up really late doing government homework and skyping mommy and Kelly so I slept in until 11. I eventually got up and ate lunch and hung out with the girls. Then I skyped with Andrew for a while and had Australian writing for another 3 hours =/ It is always such a long class! I had dinner and just got back a little bit ago. I finished up the second chapter of government and am writing this now. So this week certainly hasn’t been the most exciting, but there are several fun things that should be happening this weekend which I am looking forward too. I also find out my finals schedule on Friday and after I get that, I can start working with daddy to plan their vacation to come visit me! Just let me know if you would like to join them =]

The Great Barrier Reef & White Water Rafting!

   Image  Hey friends! I tried putting in a picture so we will see if it works. So figured I would start writing about this past week before I started to forget about everything. In this post I will talk about Wednesday the 30th of January through today which is Wednesday the 6th of February. I can’t believe how fast the time is flying by here and as of tomorrow, I will have been here for a month already. It’s crazy.

     So last Wednesday I remember that I was kind of grumpy. I picked up all of my paperwork for our trip to the Great Barrier Reef and then worked out for a while, trying to clear my head. After the gym, I headed over to my Australian Literature class where I was presenting with my friend Charlie. We had to read a book called My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin and then basically lead a book discussion on it. After our professor finished lecturing, she let us watch the movie before our group discussion. She lectured for longer then she was planning on, so Charlie and I only had to talk for like 30 minutes instead of an hour. We certainly didn’t mind! The next day we found out that we got a 90% on our presentation and we were really excited about it. After our class, my friend Hillary and I got dinner like we do each Wednesday and we stayed late at the bra (which is short for the brasserie the name of our cafeteria) talking, when some of the other girls came up. Apparently Lia’s mom bought and mailed us a ton of American food, so we met up with some of our Australian friends and started eating. It was delicious! We had lucky charms, captain crunch, peanut butter and fluff sandwiches, tootsie pops, ramen noodle soup, butterfingers, and frosted animal crackers. I called mom after I got home and was complaining about feeling sick…I wonder why hehe

     Thursday I was running around like crazy because we were leaving for the GBR that night! I went to the gym early that morning, came home took a shower, started my laundry, grabbed lunch, switched my laundry, went to the convenience store called the Night Owl to pick up some snacks for our trip, came back, folded my laundry, printed off papers for school, packed, went to class, and finally got on the shuttle for the airport. It was a bit of a hectic day, but still very exciting. My friend Dane and I got a shuttle at 6:30 that evening but our friends were already there because they flew out in the morning. The shuttle driver was really nice and we had the whole van to ourselves. Once we got to the airport security was really weird. They didn’t make me take off my jacket or shoes, we didn’t have to take out liquids, or show, any form of ID or boarding passes. Security was like rushing us through as Dane and I were trying to do the typical “unpacking” haha. We wandered around for a while because our flight was delayed because of the flooding from the cyclone. Some of the runways were closed, so the flights were taking longer than expected to land. When they announced that they were boarding, there was just a mob of people standing around, no order at all. When we went to board they didn’t even ask for ID at the gate. Seriously I could have put any name on my boarding pass and they would have had no idea. It kind of weirded me out. It was about a two hour flight to Cairns and then we picked up the shuttle to the hostel, where we arrived about 12:30 am. We hung out with our friends for a little and then went to bed. That situation was really weird too because Dane and I were accidentally booked in separate rooms which was a bummer. I went to my room and was a little freaked out because everyone was asleep, the room was pitch black, and I didn’t really know what to do. Some guy in bright lime green underwear got out of bed and said that’s the free bunk just take the stuff off of it. I quickly got into bed but couldn’t sleep because we had to get up at 6 and it was already like 2 and I was just felt really uncomfortable. As there were 7 strangers asleep in this room and it was really loud because the bar is open until 5 am.

     Before we went to bed, Dane and I realized that our schedule got messed up with the other girls and it said that we were rafting on Friday and scuba diving on Saturday. The girls had it the other way around, so we had to wake up at 6 and call the company to see if we could get our trips switched. Fortunately we got our trips switched, so we walked to McDonald’s for breakfast, while we waited for the girls to get up. Then we walked to the marina to go to the GBR. On the boat there were about 90 people and we started off by getting our flippers/mask and filling out forms. Then we went to an orientation for scuba diving, until we arrived at the reef at 10. Once we got there, we went snorkeling and it was so pretty and so much fun. The water was more salty than the water at home and I literally just floated around with my face in the water. About an hour later, I got out of the water and got in line for lunch. As soon as they started serving it, they called my group for scuba diving,so I didn’t get a chance to eat yet. We got weight belts put on us and our oxygen tank vests. Once we got in the water, we had to practice breathing, clearing our masks of water, and taking our mouth pieces out and putting them back in. After we “passed the test” we got to go under and explore with our guide. It was so cool and we got to see Nemo! Apparently the deepest we went was 12 meters which is equivalent to 40 feet. It was kind of scary at first but still really cool. Unfortunately I have pressure problems with my ears and left one hurt a lot. It still feels kinda funny, so I might go to the clinic tomorrow just to have it checked out. Then we came back up and I ate a ton. We laid out of the top of the boat for a while and then went snorkeling at the second site. It was even prettier than the first sight, but we put noodles under our stomachs because the water was choppier and it made it much easier to swim and float. On the way back they had unlimited wine, cheese, crackers, and played live music. It was very relaxing. Once back at the hostel, Dane and I went swimming in the pool for a while and later we all met up for dinner.

     The next day we got up early and got picked up by the bus at 6:40 in the morning. We went to their building in town to pick up all our equipment and water shoes. Then we drove almost two hours into the rainforest to go white water rafting. We arrived at a little bar where our small group of 24 people switched buses and drove to the extreme rafting site. We got all prepared and fortunately our group of 6 got our own raft. It was so much fun and we rafted for like 2 hours before stopping for a BBQ lunch then did another 2 hours. It was class 4 rapids which is the highest they are allowed to do now because insurance companies don’t allow class 5 rapids anymore. Since it was extreme white water rafting they let us do extra little things too. For example we jumped off rocks into the river twice. I think he said they were like 5 meters high. We also jumped off a big tree that had fallen across the river and was hanging above the water.That jump felt even higher because you had to walk up the tree which was probably at like a 45 degree angle to the water before you jumped. We also got out of the boat and floated down the river through the rapids, which was a lot of fun but definitely like getting hit in the face with like 10 waves in a row and you don’t know when to breathe haha. The last thing we got to do was slide down a small waterfall. It wasn’t very high probably like 6 feet, but it pulled you down really deep and you had to try and equalize your ears underwater. The life vest pulled you up pretty quickly so you were only under for like 5 or 6 seconds. I was really scared but it was so much fun and I wish I could have done it again. On the way home, we stopped the restaurant/bar for an hour and bought our pictures because there was such a big group of us to split the price. Then the bus got us home about 6 that evening. On Sunday morning we picked up the shuttle at 9 because our flight was at 11 and we had to go home. We all crashed in our rooms as soon as we got home exhausted from barely getting any sleep.   

     Monday wasn’t very exciting, I just hung out in my room catching up on sleep and talking to people for a while preparing for my busy Tuesday of classes. I was excited because my online textbook arrived so I can get started on my class and will have something to do if I get bored haha. I also got a letter from grandma and grandpa which was exciting. I attended my first TBT class which is total body toning and I really liked it. That evening I just did homework and a lot of reading before school in the morning.

     On Tuesday I went to my bio lecture, bio tutorial, met with my bio professor about the missed lecture from last week. She also agreed to proctor my mid-term and final for my online class which was really helpful. I also went to my ethics tutorial which was as boring as ever, except this girl kept trying to argue with me and it was getting really annoying. Fortunately I got a 100 on my weekly quiz, so I can’t complain too much. I was very excited because I got a package from mommy too. I got mail two days in a row! I went to my favorite Zumba class but we didn’t have our teacher which was a disappointment. Apparently the spinning teacher was out sick, so my Zumba teacher filled in for the spinning class, and a different Zumba teacher came to teach my class and I didn’t really like her. Oh well. After dinner that night Kathleen, Alisha, Amy, and I watched the Perks of Being a Wallflower which I had never seen before and it was so good. I definitely recommend it for those who haven’t seen it.

    Today, Wednesday the 6th, I enjoyed sleeping in and then went to the weekly BBQ which was hosted by the animal welfare club, so the wildlife sanctuary brought snakes, owls, and porcupine like animals. I signed up to go on a hike next Saturday of Mt Warning, which is apparently really pretty. I also met with my literature professor because I want to get started on my essay sooner than later and she gave me a ton of helpful information. She wrote out like a whole outline for me including a thesis statement! Then I had a delicious all day breakfast meal and here I am back in my room writing now. I have to leave for my literature class in like 10 minutes and then will probably come home and start looking at my government homework. Hopefully your week has been as fun and exciting as mine. I look forward to hearing from you all. Lots of love from me!

First full week of classes but with lots of fun stuff too!

     Hey guys! So I figured I should probably work on last week because I don’t want to get behind on this again. So I’m going to tell you guys about last week which was January 20th until like today January 28!

     So the best thing that has happened this week is that I finally got my computer working. Yay! For those of you that don’t know the details of that issue I can briefly explain it. When I first got here, my laptop would only work in my room if I used the Ethernet cord, it wouldn’t connect to the wireless. So eventually I worked my way over to IT trying to get it fixed. The lady said that she fixed it, but when I got back to my room the wifi wouldn’t work and the Ethernet wouldn’t work either. I walked on back, but they had closed for the day, so I went the next day and no one could figure it out. I went through this process for like two weeks of submitting requests to IT guys, getting like 3 different Ethernet cords, and no one could help me. I finally got on the same page as the IT guy and got my laptop working on like the 22nd or 23rd after like 2 weeks of nothing. It certainly was an interesting experience, as the wifi isn’t great in my building, so my phone doesn’t really work unless I’m in the hallway or stairwell. This is because I am far from the box and there are like 12 brick walls between me and it. I spent a good amount of time in the library, multimedia center, and computer center. I am very relieved to have it back and am enjoying skyping most mornings with friends and family. I’m always available for skype dates, so just let me know when you’re free!

     Another exciting thing that happened this past week is that we signed up to go on a trip to Cairns and I am super excited. We are leaving late this Thursday night (the 31st) and will come back Sunday morning. We will arrive at 11:30 at night at the hostel and then we are going white water rafting one day and snorkeling/scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef one day. It will definitely be a weekend of fun and adventure and we are very excited to check out a different part of Australia and feel that 90-100 degree heat of northern Australia.

     But back to the reality of school, I had my first full week of classes which was good. I don’t have classes on Mondays, so I just hung out, but Tuesday was my busy day. From 10-12 I have my cell biology lecture then 1-2 I have my cell biology small group tutorial. I did so well! I had correct answers for all the questions and spoke up a lot. Go me. I better have earned my full 10 points for the day! Then from 2-3 I have my ethics tutorial where I tried to speak up too. The lecturer is a young PhD student who is very quiet and speaks to his feet which drives me crazy! He is funny though and has the best comments. On Wednesday I don’t have class until 4-7, which is my Australian writing class which is 2 hours of lecture and then an hour of like book group discussion. On Thursday from 4-6 I have my ethics lecture and then I’m done for the week.

     So there were only 3 classes I could take here in Australia because my fourth class, math, met at the same time as my cell biology class, so I had to drop it. Long story short, I decided that I would take my political science, American government class online while I was here. I am taking it through Louisiana State University because they have such a big online and long distance learning program. It is very flexible, you have up to 9 months to complete a class, they are about the same price as a community college, and they have a large variety of courses. This past week, I think Thursday, I got the information for my class and I’m pretty excited. I got official approval to take it by the registrar at school and the political science director at high point as well. Basically the class has 15 “lessons”, each one is based on a chapter in the book. So for example week one, lesson one, is to read chapter one of the book and answer 4 questions, about 1-2 pages a piece. I can do these whenever I want to and have all the flexibility that I want. Half way through, I take a midterm and then a final at the end. So I just have to find a professor who will proctor for me and LSU will mail them my test. It seems really straight forward and I’m ready to get started, but unfortunately my textbook isn’t supposed to be delivered for a month! Ugh!

     On a positive note though I had a freaking fabulous Friday! Kathleen, Hillary, and I were supposed to go with mom’s friend Peter Walker who lives in the area, to the Steve Irwin Zoo but that got cancelled because of tropical storm Oswald. So instead Peter picked us up here at school at 9:15 and he drove us all around the Gold Coast. We were able to get a really good idea of where we are living. We stopped at many good look out points, visited his boat, looked at the multimillion dollar beach house neighborhoods, ate fresh Australian mango, met his friend Elena who sells gorgeous shoes nearby, tried Australian meat pies with mashed potatoes and mushy peas, tried Anzac biscuits (cookies), saw more beaches, drove into New South Wales, and saw laser lighthouse at a place called Point Danger. It was a lot of fun and we got home around 4:30.

     As soon as we got back to the dorm I walked over to the local retirement center, which is a 2 minute walk away. This is because the SPC (student philanthropy counsel) which I am a part of, helped host an Australia Day party for some of the residents. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet some of the residents, I served the sausages, and I got to try lamington cake. It is Australian sponge cake, coated in a thin chocolate layer, covered in coconut. As much as I can’t stand coconut, I actually liked this cake. I had an opportunity to talk to our director/contact person over there for a while and she is super sweet. I was glad I got to go, because I can’t go to the first craft day on Friday since we will be in Cairns.

     Then once I got home I had my interview for my summer internship. For those of you who don’t know, I found this organization in the fall called Breakthrough Collaborative, while I was looking for summer internships. I was instantly hooked because it was exactly what I wanted to do. The easiest way to describe it, is by saying that it’s like summer school for smart inner city kids. The program sponsors college kids to come in and run a school program for the kids, to keep them focused, having fun, and give them good role models. In November I applied to three different cities, Philadelphia, Norfolk, and Minneapolis. On January 11th I found out that I had been selected for part 2 of the application, which meant that I had to submit a 5 minute video of myself teaching to my friends about a middle school topic. I chose to do mine on writing hypotheses for a science class. Then on the 23rd another woman contacted me to interview with her on Friday the 25th at midnight, which was 9 am her time. The interview went really well and I couldn’t fall asleep until 2 am because I was so excited. Then at 5 am, she emailed me and offered me a position at the Philly site. I will most likely be teaching science, but I don’t know which grade or which school. I’m thinking it will probably be animal science to rising 7th graders and then I will do earth science as my academic elective, but I will definitely keep you in the loop. I won’t be able to find out more until they hire their entire faculty which won’t be until the end of March. I am hoping to get a homestead, so I can stay up there during the week and then come home for the weekends. I will be in training from June 10-21, teaching from June 24-August 2, and wrapping up from August 5-9.

     This made my Saturday extremely long because I was so tired from not getting a good nights sleep. Unfortunately it was Australia day and everyone was very excited for partying and celebrating because it is their equivalent of July 4th. I have my book presentation to do on Wednesday, so instead of partying I had to read. So I woke up and skyped with Steph for like 3 hours and then spent the rest of the day reading. About 7:30 that night I quit, got some dinner, visited with friends, and went over to a local bar called 360. I stayed there for an hour and got to watch girls wrestle in jello…I think my book was better haha and then crashed early that night.

     Part of the reason that Saturday, January 26th was pretty calm was because cyclone Oswald made his way down Queensland this weekend. It was coming from the north which is why we couldn’t go to the zoo on Friday because it is an hour and half north. By Saturday it was getting super close to us. On Sunday the storm really hit and it just poured and poured all day long, so I did homework with friends and then watched bones with another friend. Today has been much of the same, since the storm is still close by. Even though I don’t have classes today, they were cancelled because the weather and flooding has been so bad. I stayed in my room and just hung out all day, but I should start my homework soon. We also just found out that classes are cancelled for tomorrow January 29th too because of the weather.

     As always feel free to contact me anyway that you please, skype, imessage, email, letter, facebook, etc. I love hearing from you all. All my love!

Week 2 in Australia!

So I’m not sure how exactly this is going to go and I think that each week might show up a little differently or I might even do them more daily depending on what is going on that week. But in this entry I am just going to talk about random things that happened over the week of Monday the 14th to Sunday the 20th. So what did we do this first week of school…

This week our classes finally began. I had a good first week of being here, but it definitely felt like vacation and vacation does get a little old for me after a while because I like to be doing stuff and staying super busy. My classes come in two forms, there is the big group lecture which every person taking the class attends and then there are small group tutorials throughout the week. The first week of classes was only the lectures. My first class was on Monday which was Great Narrative Literature lecture. Unfortunately I am now not taking that class because they cancelled the only tutorial that I could go to. I am believer that everything happens for a reason and while I was anxious at first, I am happy that I switched literature classes because I think I will like the one I am in now more. The second class I took was Cell Biology. This class has about 50 students in it! This is super big for me, as my biggest class at High Point was probably like 35. In cell bio we pretty much talked about class expectations and then began with chapter one. The classes here don’t do much actual work, but I have heard what they do, do, gets graded hard. So for example in this class, I have a small participation grade in the tutorial, only 4 labs with 2 lab reports, a mid-term and final. They don’t even have unit tests which blows my mind! On Wednesday I went to my Great Australian Writing class which is my new literature class. We basically read Australian works each week haha. In this class we only have a small participation grade, one paper, one small final, and we lead the reading discussion one week. My week is this Wednesday January 30th on the book My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin. It is okay, I don’t love it, but I can definitely tell it is truly Australian literature. On Thursday I went to Cultural and Ethical Values lecture. This is literally a huge class I am blown away about how unimportant I feel haha I doubt I will ever speak in that class. Basically he lectures about a philosopher each week. We have a small participation grade, a final, and a paper.

On top of classes we have been doing some other stuff as well, basically going to the beach and lots of hanging out. We have done little things throughout the week as well. For example we went to free yoga class at the town centre which was a lot of fun. She was a very good instructor and afterwards we got apples and very yummy banana bread. There was the activities fair which I signed up for a lot of things at. Most notably I signed up for the Student Philanthropy Club, which I am very excited for. They do a lot of work in the community. Like each week they volunteer at the retirement center, tutor middle schoolers, play soccer with homeless kids, etc. I have been going to the gym a lot because I have the time and have been enjoying the classes. My favorites so far are Zumba (the instructor is an extremely flamboyant gay man who is hilarious) and Fusion which is half yoga and half pilates, basically fast yoga. The regular yoga class is kinda slow for me and then the regular pilates instructor is kinda rude and yells a lot and I don’t respond well to threats…haha I tried step but it was way too fast and I was tripped all over my feet and couldn’t keep up and felt like an absolute idiot haha I would like to try more of the cardio classes as well.

In my spare time I also run over the mail center to check and see if I have mail. Which I have gotten a letter from Kimberly! Yay Kim, she is so on top of things! I have been meaning on writing back to her, but I haven’t gotten the chance quite yet, as I want to sit down and write post cards too. Speaking of which, if anyone would like to write to me or call me you are more than welcome to it’s:

Kaitlin Bonner
Campus Accommodation Office
14 University Dr
Robina, QLD, 4229

Cell Phone: +61 0406572539
Desk Phone: +61 0755954565

I need you guys to write to me and send me stuff because I have to physically ask for my mail by saying Bonner: B O N N E R and I look silly if I go in there all the time and there is never mail for me haha

On to another topic I really want to volunteer in the elementary schools here because you all know how much I love working at them at High Point. Like seriously I would go there every day! I did 50 hours in my kindergarten class in the fall. So there is day care right next to my dorm and I sent them an email because I would LOVE to get paid too. So if I could get an assistant job there that would be awesome, but they never emailed me back =[ oh well. But I emailed the director of the primary school at the varsity lakes school which is within walking distance and if I don’t hear back from them, I will contact Robina Primary school, which I can get to quickly on the bus and I will do something at one of those schools!!!

On to another topic we had a pub crawl that week on Friday the 18th! Like I’m not lying this university put on their own version of a pub crawl and you guys thought I was lying when I mentioned that these kids know how to party and how to drink. A girl even died last year on this event and the school is still putting it on! Like seriously! Basically it started out at Don’s where you could hang out from 3 until 4:45 when they picked us up in coach buses and took us to like 4 different clubs/pubs/taverns/I don’t know, around the local little cities like Broadbeach and Surfer’s Paradise. Even though I don’t really drink I still had a lot of fun. We got to Don’s at 4 and then I took the 11 pm bus home, after being at the last club for like two hours. Basically we all danced around and acted silly for hours.

Oh yea I forgot to mention it is so annoying, but I discovered from the first day that I literally have to put on sunscreen every day before I leave my room. It’s kinda frustrating, but I am used to it by now. I just put it on my arms/shoulders/chest/neck and then the tops of my feet if I’m not wearing my sneakers. Fortunately I have done really well at the beaches, pool, in general. Only one time during the past three weeks, I didn’t reapply enough because I didn’t know when I was leaving the beach on Wednesday and I got a little burnt on the back of my legs and my belly button. Ugh! It hurt and I learned my lesson again, that I have to load up on sunscreen ALL the time!

I don’t know what else I want to say right now (I accidently just typed write because I have been writing forever haha)because I feel like I have been typing for like ever! I will tell you about some of the events of this week a bit later, but I want to go shower and get a snack. Ta ta for now ❤